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  • Coed (20-24)
  • Adult (25-34)
  • Mature (35-49)
  • Granny (50+)
  • Skinny
  • Athletic
  • Average
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  • BBW
  • White
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RandomCouples is totally FREE! And absolutely anonymous...

If you want to chat and play with random couples from the comfort of your home, all you need to do is 'roll the dice', see where it lands, and discover random twosomes looking for a third playmate to join then in some adult fun. You can roll the dice as many times as you want, with each shake bringing up a different couple of sexy strangers looking to meet a new online friend.

Why is it random?

Just like the real world, meeting random strangers often results in unexpected sexy encounters. You don’t know what’s going to happen until it happens, and the physical chemistry is a game of chance. At RandomCouples.com you just sit back and relax while the dice do all the work for you.

On RandomCouples, we've made sure to load the dice to work in your favor. Every roll brings up a webcam streaming a twosome that want to kick up their kinks and fulfill their fantasies in a chance encounter with a random stranger.

With thousands of couples online 24/7 looking for a casual encounter with a like-minded guy or girl, RandomCouples is a fun way to bring adults together for some webcam chat. What happens after that is entirely up to you.

Who are the random couples?

All the twosomes at RandomCouples.com are looking to meet new people to join them in some fun and games. Whether you want to chat, to watch, to take part or even direct their home movie or be directed yourself, it’s a lottery where you’re guaranteed a win.

Every shake and roll bring up a streaming couple looking for a third. If they’re not online or they're chatting privately with someone else, they aren’t going to be in the draw. RandomCouples makes sure you only get couples that are free to chat.

How does it work?

RandomCouples.com is the leading site for bringing together couples with new partners for live webcam chat. It’s 100% FREE to use. And, unlike many other adult sites, it doesn’t even require registration. You simply shake the dice, roll away and start playing.

The site aggregates the live cam feeds of thousands of online couples across the globe, couples that have signed up to meet new people for potential online sex hook-ups. RandomCouples doesn’t believe in boundaries, it facilitates everything for everyone. Couples from Russia, South America, the Far East, America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and Australia are all looking, right now, for a potential new playmate for a few moments, a few minutes or even a few hours of explicit interaction.

How to find the perfect partners:

There are two ways to find your free matches. You can go all out and put your faith into the hands of the god and goddesses of sex by selecting Get Random or, you can take a more cautious approach and pre-define your preferences.

You can narrow the options the dice will produce by choosing from a set-range of criteria: age ranges, body types, and ethnicities. And, if you’re really not into taking a gamble, you can select parameters from each group so your extra-encounters will only be with couples that confirm to your exact specifications.

Once a couple catches your eye you simply select the Chat With Them button and let the fun begin.

How much does it cost?

RandomCouples.com is a totally 100% FREE service. You don’t pay us a penny. Just think of us as your cool friend that introduces you to a hot sexy couple and once you start talking to them, we disappear and it’s all up to you from there on in.

Any transactions between you and your sexy new friends are between the three of you. We’re just the matchmakers of chance.

Can I turn on my webcam too?

Once you’re chatting with a couple, you may or may not choose to open your webcam. Again, that’s between you and your new hot and horny friends. Most couples would love to be able to see you too. So, be sure to have your webcam ready to go.

Is it mobile friendly?

You can play RandomCouples on any smartphone and mobile device. When it comes to chatting and interacting with new people, not all of them may be cam2cam enabled for mobile, (i.e. you can see them, but they can’t see you). If you want to go webcam-to-webcam and they can’t facilitate it on mobile, then all you have to do is roll the dice and you’ll quickly meet new couples that can.

Beating the odds & meeting random couples.

It goes without saying that this site is for 18+ only. All the kinky couples that the dice will bring are adults – if you’re under the age of 18, then it’s a no-go for you.

So what now? Well it’s time to beat the odds at RandomCouples. Just go to the top of the page, select Get Random and get going. With unlimited play, you can shake and roll as much as you want. At RandomCouples.com you’re guaranteed win after win.